Fundo Cafe

What is the Fundo Cafe and what does it have to offer?

The Fundomondo café serves a selection of specialty coffees, hot and cold sandwiches, healthy snacks as well as a selection of chilled drinks.

During the cooler months we also have soup available.

Children love our 'Brown Bag Lunch' which offers a complete lunch at a very reasonable cost.

We believe that children will make better food choices when there are healthier options to choose from. Our cafe is always stocked with yogurt, cheese strings, fruit juices, milk, fruits and veggies, and a variety of snacks. For a special treat we offer cookies and brownies.

Our cafe also has a variety of magazines available and a daily newspaper.

Please note: Fundomondo is a 'nut-aware' environment. We have a selection of certified nut free snacks available. If your child has allergies please call if you have any questions about our food!

Food that has not been purchased at Fundomondo may not be consumed on the premises (with the exception of baby bottles).

Fundomondo Cafe Fundomondo Cafe Fundomondo Cafe

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