Fundo FAQ

Why do you not allow shoes and bare feet at Fundomondo?

We do not permit any outdoor shoes or bare feet at Fundomondo for the safety of the children. ALL visitors require socks to enter (even those who are not playing!). Adults may bring indoor slipper (flat, soft soled only) and children are welcome to wear Robeez style slippers. This is to ensure we have a clean play area for the children to enjoy. Out door shoes can carry traces of toxoplasmosis (among other diseases) and bare feet can transmit diseases to others. Many of the younger children crawl on the floor, and we want our play area to be as safe as possible for them.

What happens if I forget socks for myself and / or my child?

We sell socks for $1 plus tax.

Why is my 4 years (or older) child not allowed to play in the soft play area?

The soft play area has been designed for use by children under 4 years of age. Even when there are not any babies in the space older children are still not permitted to play there. Older children use the equipment differently, and not as it is designed to be used, and may hurt themselves or others.

Why do you not have a gate on the soft play area?

The soft play area is fenced, with a small entrance to allow access. Many parents would like for us to have a gate, but due to safety concerns we do not have one. A gate creates risk for trapped fingers and children getting hit by the gate. The play area design as it is ensures that the children have a safe play area with adequate parental supervision.

Why is my child not allowed to play with his/her toys inside Fundomondo?

This is primarily for the safety of the children. A car comes down a slide at high speed, and if it hits a child it will hurt! Toys may also cause ‘sharing’ issues among the children.

Why can I not eat my own lunch in the café area?

We do not allow food from outside to be consumed on the premises due to the many children with nut allergies. Our café serves food and snacks at very reasonable prices. If you wish to consume your own food you must leave Fundomondo. Of course, you are welcome to bring in baby bottles and baby food (must be nut free), which we will heat for you.

What should I do if I have any comments about Fundomondo?

Please ask to speak to one of the owners in person or by telephone (514 697 5678). If we are not available we will call you back as soon as possible. You may also email us at

Thank you for your cooperation.

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